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 Primary health care centers need to maintain a close relationship between all the levels of a health system. This linkage between primary health care services and first referral units upwards is crucial in providing health care for the people of any country. Continuous collaboration between health care personal at primary health care level and those of referral facilities is very essential.. This kind of coordination not only will be beneficial for the patients but also it will built professional relationships between health care workers at the community level with health professionals at first referral facility.

 Although a limited number of patients will develop life threatening complications, very few of these can be predicted. Therefore the system of referring any of the patients to the next referral centre needs to be improved. However, the first care referral centers need to be provided with essential equipments and facilities to handle any such complications of those referred patients. It also recognizes the importance of support and linkages with the household and community for safe care.

 Referral system network need to start from the Union sub centre ( USC), Upazilla Health Complex ( UHC) & upwards. In order to bring down mortalities and disabilities following any disease condition or accidental injuries, availability of an operational referral system is one of the prerequisites where it will help the patient to receive optimal Health care from the next level of referral care. The referral system need to aim at connecting each patient through different levels of services and should assure at the appropriate level where he or she will receive optimal health care for any kind of illness.

When discussing about a referral system it does not mean only the forward referrals. Equal importance should be given to the downward referrals as well. If the patients are treated at the first level referral centre they may be referred back to the original primary health care centre with the necessary follow-up advices. This will enhance the trust towards the primary care centers by the patients from the catchments areas. Effective referral requires clear communications to assure that the patient receives optimal care at each level of the system. This communication need to be on both directions, forward , describing the problem ascend at the lower level facility and backward, information back to the lower level facility describing the findings and the actions to be taken and the follow up needs. Introduction of a well plan referral care mechanism could contribute to overcome some of the short comings and to minimize the prevailing deficiencies which ultimately leads to provide health care services to the people on an equitable basis.



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