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Hospital management development programme is almost new programme which might be competency based for the hospital managers. Competence-based management is a relatively new way of thinking about how hospital as a organization gain high performance for a significant period of time. Competence-based management originates from the theory of competence-based strategic management. The idea behind competence-based management is that an organization has access to an unique mix of resources. Resources are all elements, tangible or intangible, which an organization can use for the arrangement of products and bring services on the market. The resources an organization can use may be either organization-specific of organization-addressable. In other words, a competent organization has the ability to structurally and systematically coordinate and commit resources for respectively the realization of the organizations goals and objectives and the creation and distribution of customer value, in order to develop competitive advantage.

The following core competency will be developed to hospital manager by the management development programme.

Managerial skill (Conceptual skill): The programme will be able to develop the use information to solve problem, Identification of opportunity, Recognizing problem areas, Selecting critical information from data , Understanding the use of technology, Understanding the organization model.

Communication skill: Ability to transform ideas in to word of action, Credibility among colleagues, peers, subordinates, listening and asking question, Presentation skill (spoken, written).

Strategic Thinking This programme will be able to develop who are individual contributors to invest in actions that will pay off tomorrow and anticipate innovation today.

Coaching Skills This programme will develop the coaching skills process and will build confidence and give the managers the tools to help their subordinates feel engaged and motivated in the organization.

Leadership Development - Different styles of leadership and foster a sense of good judgment and confidence in leadership situations.  It can also help employees build stronger unity and group effectiveness through our team building experiences.

Teamwork It will provide an opportunity for staff to develop stronger relationships of trust through candid interaction and team oriented learning activities.

Team Member Effectiveness It will teach how individuals can facilitate successful team functioning through interaction with a group.

Interpersonal skill: Coaching and mentoring skill, Diversity skill, work with diverse people, Networking within the organization, Networking outside the organization, Working in teams will be developed.




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Management Development Program


Present Status



New Activity for HPNDSP, Activities will be started from October,11











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Management Development Program


Action Plan







Development of Management Development manual / Guideline for Hospital Director/ superintendent/ civil surgeon





















Capacity development, (Residential Training for 5 days)






















Refreshers training