in Secondary and Tertiary Hospitals Under HPNSDP - HSM (FY 2011-2016)

Specific Objectivese

  1. To  establish child and family-friendly  Shishu Bikash Kendra’s (SBK) within key public hospitals across the country.

  2. To procure and train a core team of multidisciplinary professionals, including child health physicians, child psychologists, and developmental therapists, to provide services within these centers.

  3. To apply strategies and tools standardized for Bangladeshi children for early screening, assessment, intervention, treatment and management of the entire range of developmental delays, disorders, impairments and disabilities.

  4. To conduct  epidemiological surveys  with the aim of providing an evidence based health service delivery system and identify causal risk factors to help towards prevention of major childhood disabilities.

  5. To provide psychosocial services to families and empower parents and primary care-providers to optimize their child’s development.

  6. To provide training and strategies to establish linkages with primary health care services.

  7. To develop a digital data-base of information related to child development and disability across Bangladesh.