in Secondary and Tertiary Hospitals Under HPNSDP - HSM (FY 2011-2016)




List of services established supported by relevant publications (Reference by Clinic)





General Developmental Assessment (GDA)

1.   The Child First and Always. Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK. Website:


Psychological Assessment (PA)

1.   Khan NZ, Sultana N, Parveen M, Ali SMK. Comparison between intellectual performance and
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Well Baby Clinic (WBC)

1.      Khan NZ, Muslima H, Begum N, Begum N, Shilpi AS, Batra M, Darmstadt GD. Reliability and
      Validity of a Structured Tool for Neurodevelopmental Assessment of 0-24 month olds for use
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2.  Khan NZ, Muslima H, Shilpi AB, Begum D, Parveen M, Akter N, Ferdous S, Nahar K, McConachie
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3.  Khan NZ, Muslima H, El Arifeen S, McConachie H, Shilpi AB, Ferdous S, Darmstadt GL.
     Validation of a Rapid Neurodevelopmental Assessment Tool for 5 to 9 Year-Old Children in
     Bangladesh. J Pediatrics. 2014 Feb 6. pii: S0022-3476(13)01583-7. doi: 10.1016/j.jpeds.
     2013.12.037.[Epub ahead of print]





In Patients Department  (IPD)

1.  Khan NZ, Mahmud E, Mahbub M, Banu SH, Parveen M. Neurological problems in children admitted in
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Autism Clinic (AC)

1.   Khan, N. Z., Gallo, L. A., Arghir, A., Budisteanu, B., Budisteanu, M., Dobrescu, I., &Elsabbagh, M.
       (2012). Autism and the grand challenges in global mental health. Autism Research, 5(3), 156-159.


2.   Farzana Islam, HumairaMuslima, MonowaraParveen, NarsisRahman, Dilara Begum, SelinaAkhtar,
      Asma Begum Shilpi, MahmudaKhatun, NailaZaman Khan. Comparison of scoring of the parent’s
      interview for Autism – clinical version (PIA-CV) among ASD children and those with speech delay
      without ASD at a child development center in Bangladesh. Dhaka Shishu (Children’s) Hospital
      Journal. 2012; 28 (2): 67-72. 


3.  Farzana Islam. Autism Diagnosis in Low Resource Settings: Challenges and Opportunities to Enhance
      Research and Services Worldwide: Bangladesh Experience. Paper presented at international
      meeting in Baltimore, Maryland,  organised by Autism Speaks, USA, in October 2014.


Seating and Feeding Clinic (SF)

1.   Adams MS, Khan NZ, Begum SA, Wirz SL, Hesketh T, Pring TR. Feeding difficulties in children with
      cerebral palsy: low-cost caregiver training in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Child Care Health Dev. 2011 Nov 15.
      doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2214.2011.01327.x. [Epub ahead of print]


Low Vision Clinic (LVC)

1.  Rahman N, Banu SH, Mahbub M, Khan NZ. Visually Impaired Children- A Multi-Disciplinary Team
     Approach Towards Diagnosis and Treatment. In: (eds: SS Zaman, NZ Khan, S Islam) From Awareness to
     Action: Ensuring Health, Education and Rights of the Disabled. Proceedings of the Regional Seminar
     on Childhood Disability, Dhaka, 3-4 December, 1994. Page 256-260, 1996. 


2.  Muslima H, Jahan A, Rahman N,  Begum D, Akhtar K, Khan NZ. Visual improvement in children
     attending the ShishuBikashKendro, Dhaka Shishu Hospital. Dhaka Shishu (Children's) Hospital Journal,
June 2000, 16 (1): 22 - 26.   


3. Ahmed AS, Muslima H, Anwar KS, Khan NZ, Chowdhury MA, Saha SK, Darmstadt GL. Retinopathy of
    Prematurely in Bangladeshi Neonates. J of Trop Pediatrics. 2008 Oct; 54 (5):333-9. Epub 2008 May 25.


Speech Language and Communication Clinic (SLC)

1.  Asma Begum Shilpi, Selina Akhtar, Yasmin Tanaka An intervention through group therapy to improve
     the speech, language and communication skills in Child Development Center (CDC), Child
     Development and Neurology Unit, Dhaka Shishu Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh at 1st National
     conference, Bangladesh Society for child Neurology Development and Disability 17-18 March, 2008.   


2.  Humaira Muslima, Monsur Musa, Asma Begum Shilpi, Sayeeda Jamaluddin, Naila Z. Khan. Adaptation
     of the Preschool Language Scale-3 (PLS-3) for children in Bangladesh. Paper presented at the 8th
     International Language and Development Conference. 23-25 June, 2009, Dhaka. Bangladesh.   


3.  Asma Begum Shilpi, Selinaakhter, Dr. Humaira Muslima, Prof. Naila Zaman Khan  Evaluation of
     children with speech, language and communication difficulties attending Child Developmental
     Centre, Dhaka Shishu Hospital. Poster presented at 2nd National conference, Bangladesh Society for
     child Neurology Development and Disability 08-09 April, 2011


Developmental Therapy (DT)

1.  Jahan A, Akhtar K, Begum D, Hussain M, Khan NZ. Assessment of Developmental Therapy as a
     Comprehensive Approach to Early Intervention of Disabled Children. Proceedings of the 13th Asian
     Conference on Mental Retardation, November 15 - 21 Dhaka, Bangladesh. Page 205 - 213, 1997. 


2.  Mustafa Mahbub, Dilara Begum, Asma Begum Shilpi, HumairaMuslima, Azad Chowdhury,  Naila
     Zaman Khan. Seizures and other neurodevelopmental outcomes ascertained by a rapid assessment
     tool by generic therapists on neonatal discharge in a national children’s hospital in Bangladesh.
     Poster presented at the   International Seizure Society (ISS) Conference, Cappadocia, Turkey, June


Epilepsy Clinic (EC)

1.  Banu SH, Hossain M, Khan NZ. Two year experience of developing paediatric EEG services in
     Bangladesh: Report of the first 1000 cases (abstract) . Journal of Electrophysiological Technology. 25
     (1, 2) : 56, 1999. 


2.  Banu SH, Khan NZ, Hossain M, Jahan A, Parveen M, Rahman N, Boyd S, Neville BGR. Profile of
     Childhood Epilepsy in Bangladesh. Dev Med Ch Neurol. 45: 447-482, 2003.   


3.  Banu SH, Khan NZ, Jahan M, Koli UK, Boyd S, Neville BGR. A randomized controlled trial of
     phenobarbitone and carbamazepine monotherapy in childhood epilepsy in Bangladesh. British
     Medical Journal, 2007 Jun 9; 334 (7605): 1207.   


4. Banu SH, Mahbub M, Azam AZMM, Rani S, Khan NZ. Non-convulsive Status Epilepticus in Children,
     Electro-Clinical Profile and Response to a Specific Treatment Protocol. Bang J Child Health. 2009; 33
    (3): 90-99. 


5.  Selina H. Banu, Naila Z. Khan, Mahmuda Hossain, Saadia Ferdousi, Stewart Boyd, Brian Neville.
     Seizure outcome prediction to guide management of children in countries with limited resources.
     Dev Med Ch Neurol. 2012 Jun 11. doi: 10.1111/j.1469-8749.2012.04325.x. [Epub ahead of print]    





Mental Health Clinic  (MH)

1. Naila Z. Khan, ShamimFerdous, Robiul Islam, Afroza Sultana, Maureen Durkin, Helen Mc Conachie. 
    Behaviour problems in young children in rural Bangladesh. J Trop Peds. 2009 Jun; 55(3):177-82. Epub
    2008 Dec 9.  


2. Islam F, Parveen M, Parvin R, Khan NZ et al. Child psychiatric disorders presenting to a tertiary
     multidisciplinary child development service in Bangladesh. Bang J Ch Health. 2011; 35 (3): 84-89. 


Multiple Disability Clinic (MDC)

1.      McConachie H, Huq S, Munir S, Ferdous S, Zaman S, Khan NZ. A randomised controlled trial of alternative modes of service provision to young children with cerebral palsy in Bangladesh. J of Pediatrics  137(6):769-776, December 2000.


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