Strive to work by partnership to all the stakeholders to work with sincere effort for ensuring accessibility, effective, quality, responsive and affordable health care with a sense of quality and equity at the secondary and tertiary level.

Establishment of Shishu Bikash Kendra (Child Development Center) at 15MCHs

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Boishakhi Food serve in Govt Hospital


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Act & Ordinance
Hospital Services Personnel
Revenue Services
Development Services
Medical Waste Management
Accreditation and Medical Audit
Safe Blood Transfusion
Women Friendly Hospitals Iniative
Other Publications
Hand Book of MWM
Manual for HWM
Situation Assessment and Analysis for HWM
Hospital Waste: Risk Assessment, financial Analysis and Correlates
Workshop report on MWM at BRAC INN Hotel, Dhaka
Training Manual for Service Provider on MWM
MWM Training Manual (2012)
Perception of HS providers regarding Quality of Care
Blood Bank Networking
Impact Assessment of Blood Transfusion Services
Workshop Report on Hospital Accreditation & Clinical Governance 2007
Concept of Public Health Laboratory
Women Friendly Hospital
Poisoning Management
Draft Act of Private Hospital and Clinics
Safe Blood Transfusion Act
Manual of Safe Blood Transfusion
Shishu Bikash Kendra
Medical Board (Foreign Treatment)
Application Rorm for Private Clinic / Hospital
Application Form for Diagnostec Center
Application Form for Blood Bank
Referral Form A & B
Patient Referral Reporting Form for MCH
PRR Form for DH
PRR Form for UHC
Death Audit Form
Medical Waste Management related Documents
Citizen Charter
WHO BAN Programme : Blood Safety
Other Documents
Committee for out house MWM at different administrative level
National Implementation Co-ordiantion Commettee and their TOR for MWM
Designated Authority for MWM
Service Charge of Dhaka City Corporation area for MWM
Service Charge of Government Hospital for MWM
Citizen Charter of Medical College Hospital
Citizen Chater of District Hospital
Citizen Charter of Upazilla Health Complex
Citizen Charter of Health Sub-Center
APW on Development of A guideline and Document of Linkage among the Blood Transfusion Centers
Review of the capacity of Regulated and Unregulated Blood Banks
APW on Supply and Equipment Needs Assessment of 97 Blood Centers and Reference Laboratory
Developmnet of Data Base of Blood Bank and Donor
Development of Guideline and Document of Linkage Among the Blood Transfusion Centers
Impact Assessment of Blood Safety Activities among the BTC
Develop Toolkit for Monitoring and Quality Assurance of Safe Blood Transfusion
Monitoring of Safe Blood Transfusion Activities
Pathological Laboratory Accreditation Draft Document
Guideline & SOP for Gvernment and Private Laboratories
Survey on Implementation status of Safe BT Programme
Deseases Code : ICD-10
District Health Care Committee
Table of Equipment (TOE) : Secondary Level
TOE : Tertiary Label
Standard Setup of Manpower in different Hospital
National Guideline of Hand Hygiene for Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infection
Meeting Minutes of Safe Blood Transfusion committee 09-02-11
List of Clinical Indicators
Blood Transfusion Act
The Medical Practice and Private Clinics, and Laboratories (Regulation) Ordinance
Waste Management law
User Fees 2010
Standard Setup of Manpower in Hospital
Death Audit
Act_Human Part 1999
Government Hospital
Private Hospitals & Clinics
Private Diagnostic Centre
Private Blood Bank
Medial Board
Job Description
Citizen Charter
Condemnation Committee
Govt. Specialized Hospitals in Bangladesh
Govt. other small Specialized Hospital in Bangladesh
Medical College Hospital in Bangladesh
District Level Hospital
Registered Hospitals / Clinics in Dhaka Division
Registered Hospitals / Clinics in Rajshahi Division
Registered Hospitals / Clinics in Chittagong Division
Registered Hospitals / Clinics in Khulna Division
Registered Hospitals / Clinics in Barishal Division
Registered Hospitals / Clinics in Sylhet Division
Registered Hospitals / Clinics in Rongpur Division
Registered Diagnostic Center in Dhaka Division
Registered Diagnostic Center in Rajshahi Division
Registered Diagnostic Center in Chittagong Division
Registered Diagnostic Center in Khulna Division
Registered Diagnostic Center in Barishal Division
Registered Diagnostic Center in Sylhet Division
Registered Diagnostic Center in Rongpur Division
Job Description of DGHS-Different sections & Directors
Job Description of Hospital Services, DGHS
Job Description of District Hospital
Medical Waste Management
Referral System
Hospital Accreditation
Evidence Based Practice
National Health Cate Standard
Clinical Protocol
Quality Assurance
Risk Management
Total Quality Management
Management Development Program
Emergency Management
Poisoning Management
Hospital Autonomy
Safe Blood Transfusion
Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infection
Community Participation
Women Friendly Hospital Initiative
EOC & Gender
Annual Programme Review
Operational Plan
Introductio & Background
Aims and Objectives
Component Activities
Problems faced during implementation
Suggestions to reduce problems
Lessons learned
Challenges for work